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Expedia Hotels is an application that can book a hotel room anywhere in the world (there are more than 130,000 hotels in 20,000 different cities) in just a couple of minutes and by following a few simple step.

When searching for your hotel the application lets you use many different useful filters, like the price, location, proximity to certain sites, or some features that you are looking for specifically. However, the most useful feature is that is has lots of photos of each place, so unpleasant surprises are impossible.

A very interesting option included within the application is the ability to search and book rooms at hotels that are close to your area determined by GPS. This way you can quickly avoid the trouble of finding the hotel closest to your location.

More interesting than anything is the ability to compare hotels. This way you can know whether one is cheap in comparison, or if, for the services offered, one price is more reasonable than another.

Expedia Hotels is a very useful tool that has everything that a regular traveler needs to find a place to stay.
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